Storybook Traveling Tour

Youtheatre presents our award winning traveling troupe,

“Storybook Theatre”

“Story Book Theatre” takes children’s classic literature and brings the stories to life through THEATRE! SONG! And DANCE!  Each year Youtheatre produces 3-4 different StoryBook Theatre Shows utilizing four different groups of young performers!!  We tour libraries, schools, youth organizations, hospitals and senior homes.  Audience participation and free ticket giveaways!

“I’m a Machine!”


“I’m A Machine!” Join us as we take a journey through our body machines!!! 

This story features:

  • Everybody’s Doing the Circulation! 
  • The Real Reason the Tortoise Beat the Hare!  
  • Captain HeartBeat!
  • Vita-wizard!
  • Play Wheel of NUTRIENTS!!!  

(You won’t believe you’re getting a Science lesson!)

Free Upcoming Performance Dates:

AUG 1 (SAT)                  2:30          ALLEN COUNTY FAIR

AUG 29 (SAT)               TBD          TASTE OF THE ARTS

Stay tuned!

Storybook Theatre is Youtheatre’s touring troupe — different shows throughout the year bringing children’s story book favorites to life through drama, dance, and song!

Storybook Shows Available:

  • “Loopy Lessons to Live By” A humorous trip through Aesop’s Fables!Come skip through the pages of Aesop’s Fables with YOUTHEATRE!! You’ll meet a Wiley Wolf, a Bragging Rooster, a Lazy Bear and so many more!!   Don’t cry wolf!! No sour grapes!! Join the fun!
  •  “Dr. Seuss on The Loose!”   Help us celebrate the world’s most famous author and illustrator!  Learn a little bit about the beloved Theodore Geisel and enjoy Dr. Seuss favorites- The Lorax, Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham and more!
  • “Down The Rabbit Hole” Alice follows a talking rabbit and down she goes into Wonderland. She meets up with some storybook characters who have lost their way out of their stories. A fun mishmash of Alice in Wonderland, Mother Goose and the Grimms’ Fairy Tales.
  • “Fort Wayne on Tour!” Fort Wayne has a lot of interesting history! This musical celebration takes you through our favorite city!
  • “I’m A Machine!” Join us as we take a journey through our body machines!!!  Features Everybody’s Doing the Circulation!  The Real Reason the Tortoise Beat the Hare!   Captain HeartBeat! Vita-wizard! Vitamins, and Minerals – OH MY!! (You won’t believe you’re getting a Science lesson!!!)
  •  “Just So Stories” Rudyard Kipling’s collections of ‘why stories’ explains  How the Camel Got Its Hump,  Why the Woodpecker has a Beak, How the Elephant Got Its Trunk and more!
  • “Loopy Lessons to Live By” (Aesops Fables) A comical look at lessons we’ve been taught by Aesop. Includes  Tortoise and the Hare ,  The Bragging Rooster, The Girl Who Cried Wolf,  and many more!
  • “Make ‘Em Laugh!”  Come to the Comedy Fest! Stories celebrate slapstick humor, word play, spoofs, and dueling one liners. You’ll be in stiches while you learn about one of the oldest forms of human entertainment!
  • “Not So Grimm Fairy Tales” How did those Grimm Brothers get to be the keeper of stories? Meet the boys behind the tales and enjoy funny versions of Hansel and Gretl, Red Riding Hood, The Three Pigs and more!
  • “Our Man Shel” Shel Silverstein is one of our most celebrated writers and poets! Take a journey through his whimsical life and enjoy some of our favorite Silverstein characters- Dan the Dirtiest Man in the World, Spoiled Brat, Clarence Lee from Tennessee, Jimmy Jet the TV Set.
  • “People In Your Neighborhood”  It’s hard to grow up! Come meet some of the kids on the playground as they try to grow up and get along!  Includes the story  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Mean Jean the Recess Queen, Princess Penelope and so many more!
  • “Stories From Around the World” Travel around the world with these stories from different countries. Rainbow Crow (Native American) , Abiyoyo (South Africa), Strega Nona (Italy), Freddie Von Gruber (Germany) Magic Mirror (Japan), Rana Azul (Mexico)Tikki Tikki Tembo (China)…No need for a passport!
  • “Snow White & the Three Bears” Snow White is at it again! She’s lost in the woods, but can’t find those dwarfs!  She happens upon some Spanish Speaking bears and learns some manners. A funny spoof that  includes children’s favorites,  Stinky Cheese Man, Mother Goose Rana Azul and The Dumb Bunnies.
  • “Tall Tales” Celebrate the American Tall Tale! Larger than life characters who make up an important part of our country’s Folk Lore! Come meet Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Sourdough Sal and Wacky Jacky!
  • “All Stories Are Anansi’s” The famous rogue spider has more adventures. Don’t miss the famous collection of stories about one of the most notorious characters in children’s literature! Includes Anansi & The Moss Covered Rock,  How Spider Got a Small Waist, How Spider Tricked Turtle and many more!
  • “Which Witch?”  Some of literature’s most popular witches are getting together for a reunion! Meet Witch Hazel, Glinda the Good, Willemina W. Witchipoo, Ursula the Sea Witch and Professor McGonnegal!

For more information, please email or call us at 260.422.6900