Holidaze: A Survival Guide for the Season

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Auditions: Adults & Children | November 3 & 4 | 4pm-6pm

“Ruby Bridges”

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Auditions: January 5 & 6 | 4pm-6pm

Third Annual Fairy Tale Fest May 16th


“Alice in Wonderland”

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Audition Workshop: Both FTF Shows | April 12 & 13 | 4-7pm


“The Magnificent Plan”

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Audition Workshop: Both FTF Shows | April 12 & 13 | 4-7pm

Frequently Asked Questions

It is ESSENTIAL that you bring ALL your scheduling conflicts to auditions!!

     Who can audition for shows?

Anyone from the age of 7 and up can audition for shows.  It takes all ages and all types to put on quality productions!

Do I need acting experience or be a Youtheatre student?

Absolutely not!  You may audition even if you’ve never been on stage before.  Our classes do offer a valuable advantage however, and they make you more familiar with the directors and how productions work.

What do I have to do to prepare for auditions?

For most auditions, we will provide you with all that you need.  For a musical, we do ask that you prepare 16 bars of music; this is typically a verse and chorus of a song– preferably NOT pop music, but rather a song from a musical or a classic piece. Most Disney songs would also work! We will provide a piano player if you bring sheet music.

What are auditions like?

You’ll do a brief, cold reading– which means we’ll provide you a script from which to read.  There may be simple movement too.  Parents are required to stay down in the Green Room while their child auditions.

  Do I have to come both days?

No, it’s your choice which day you would like to come.  We may inform you if we would like to see you again if there are call-backs.

Do I have to be there the entire time from 4-6pm?

You may come at any time during the two-hour period, and you may leave as soon as your audition is over!

Where are auditions?

Auditions are held at the Arts United Center at 303 E. Main Street (between the Art Museum and Freiman Square.)  This is also where we rehearse and perform most of the shows.  Drive around to the back of the building by the loading dock and use the “Stage Entrance” into the Green Room.  Check in with the guard there.

When will I find out if I made the cast?

Notifications are sent out via a combination of email and phone calls within the next 3-4 days in order to give families time to prepare their schedules for rehearsal the following Monday.

When do you rehearse?

Rehearsals take place Monday- Thursday 4:30-6:30pm until the week of the show.  That week, we rehearse on stage from 4:30- 7:30pm.  Shows take place Friday night, and Saturday & Sunday during the day, and we have 2 school performances for our Fall and Spring shows (9:30 & 11:30am).  You will receive a full rehearsal schedule when you are cast.

It is ESSENTIAL that you bring ALL your scheduling conflicts to auditions!!

TIPS: Wear comfortable clothing.  Speak loudly and clearly during your audition so everyone can hear you.  Use expression! Have FUN!