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Policies & FAQ's

Youtheatre Academy

Where are Classes/Camps Held?

Classes & Camps are held at the Arts United Center

303 E. Main St.

Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Enter in the back of the building in the East Side door next to the loading dock labeled "Stage Entrance." From there you will enter the Green Room and check in with the guard. You will wait in the Green Room for your teacher to gather their students to bring them to the correct classroom.

Click Here for a map.

How Long are Classes?

Each class is approximately 1 hour long. You may stay and wait in the Green Room, or you can leave and come back. 

*Note: Parents are NOT allowed in the classrooms during class/camp times.


Attendance to our classes are important. Theatre is truly a collaborative process and missing can interrupt the flow of work and learning. We understand that things happen and children get sick. If your student has to miss please e-mail us to let us know. We worry about your kids and want to make sure they're okay. We ask that students don't miss more than 3 classes.

Cancellations & Refunds

Class/Camp Cancellations must be completed 1 week prior to the first day of Class/Camp. FULL refunds will be given to those who cancel within that 1 week period via their original form of payment. Please allow up to 5 business days for the refund to be issued. 

We reserve the right to cancel any Class/Camp at any time, and if we do so will issue a FULL Refund via the original form of payment.

Registration & Confirmations

All registrations must be completed online. Once you finish our online registration process an automatic e-mail will be sent to confirm your registration. Reminder e-mails with additional information will be sent out 3 days prior to the start of Class/Camp.

Switching Classes

If you would like to switch classes, it must be done before the start of term. If you have signed up for the wrong class or need to make a schedule change please contact Megan Ebbeskotte at


If the Class/Camp you would like to sign up for is full, please e-mail Megan Ebbeskotte at to be placed on our wait list. Spots are given on a first come first serve basis.

Class Cancellations due to Weather

We love Fort Wayne, but sometimes it can have some not so great weather. If class is cancelled due to weather, please look on our Facebook/Instagram Pages, or our Website for the most up to date information. E-mails will also be sent out to parents. Class Cancellations will be made by 8am for Saturday Classes and by 3pm for Wednesday Classes.

Class/Camp Payments

Class Payment Policy:

Payments for any Youtheatre Class must be paid in Full 1 week prior to the start of term. Payments can be made Online, Via Phone at 260-422-6900 or by Check made out to "Fort Wayne Youtheatre." Failure to pay can result in losing your spot held. 

Camp Payment Policy:

Payments for ALL Youtheatre Camps also must be paid in Full 1 week prior to the start of Camp. Payments can be made Online, Via Phone at 260-422-6900 or by Check made out to "Fort Wayne Youtheatre." Failure to pay can result in losing your spot held. 

Do you Offer Financial Aid?

Fort Wayne Youtheatre is happy to offer need-based scholarships to families who wouldn't otherwise be able to participate in our programs. An application is required and must be submitted by the listed due date in order to be considered. We offer scholarships for our Fall & Winter Semester of Classes as well as our Winter, Spring and Summer Camps. Click Here for more info.

Do you Offer Payment Plans?

No, we do not offer payment plans. Payment for Classes/Camp are not due until 1 week prior to the first day of Class/Camp, so you have plenty of time!

Does My Child Need Prior Theatre Experience?

Absolutely not. Our classes/camps are welcoming of students who have never been a part of the theatre world. We encourage our youth to register if it's something they would like to learn more about!

My Child didn't Participate in the Fall Semester, Can I sign them up for the Winter Semester?

Absolutely! While our classes are built as a 2 semester system, we welcome anyone who wants to participate in one semester or the other. Our Winter semester will have a quick recap of what happened in the fall semester, so there is no worries of your child falling behind or not being able to catch up (even if they are a beginner)! We have plenty of help to bring them up to speed and make sure they are having an awesome time. 

Can my child bump up or down a Course Grade Level?

No they cannot. We are very strict on keeping our age groups together. We find that they're learning is hindered when not with kids their own age, nor is it as much fun. We want all of our students to enjoy their time with us and learn as much as they can. 

*Note there is an exception with our Advanced Class (Grades 9-12). If you have 0 theatre experience and are in grades 9-12, we may suggest enrolling in our Junior Drama Glass (Grades 7-8). From there, our trained staff can better determine the best fit for the student as well as an appropriate curriculum plan. 

My Child Doesn't Like the Theme for their age category class, can we enroll in a different class?

You can only enroll in another themed class if it matches their age group. Because we are strict on age groups, we can't make exceptions because of dislikes of themes. 

Please remember themes are an overlying entity of the course itself. The theme isn't the entire class. They will still be learning the fundamentals of the stage, acting, voice and/or dance. The theme simply helps to focus the course, but it doesn't mean that it's just a Super Hero class or just a Harry Potter class. Our main goal is to focus on the fundamentals of what theatre is and help our students grow in this art form.

Can I Stay with My Child During Class/Camp?

Parents are NOT allowed in the Classrooms during Class/Camp times. Due to COVID-19, Parents are asked to NOT wait in the Green Room and to pick students up after class.

Will there be an End of Class/Camp Performance?


Fall Semester: Yes

Our Fall End of Class Performance will be at the Arts United Center on the last day of class during the last 30 minutes. Teachers/Volunteers will come and gather parents when it is time from the Green Room. 

Winter Semester: Yes

We do a Big End of Year Class Showcase at Homestead High School the Thursday after the last day of class from 6-8pm, with a mandatory rehearsal on Wednesday from 4:30-6:30pm also at Homestead High School. E-mail reminders will be sent out during the Winter Semester. Admission is Free.


Winter Camp: No

Spring Break Camp: No

Summer Jr. Rising Star Camps: Yes

The kids will put on a performance during their last day of camp (Friday) for their parents in their camp classrooms at the Arts United Center. Teachers/Volunteers will gather parents from the Green Room when they are ready to perform at 11am.

Summer Acting & Musical Theatre Camps: Yes

Our 2 week Intensive Summer Camps (Acting & Musical Theatre) will have an End of Camp Performance in the Parkview Physicsans Group ArtsLab Theatre at the Auer Center on the last day (Friday) at 2pm. Admission is Free.

Parkview Physicians Group ArtsLab Theatre

300 E. Main St. 

Fort Wayne, IN 46802

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