Youtheatre Spotlight

Building the Dream: MLK Jr. Program

One-Liner - 80 Characters 

Due Date: Jan. 27th, 2019 by 5pm.


Give a special congratulations or shout out to your favorite performer(s) in our program. 


Create a special ad for one or more cast members to be printed in our program. Write a one line note, comment, anecdote etc. for one or multiple cast members to be printed in our program. One liners must not exceed 80 characters (does NOT include “Love Mom, Dad etc.”).


This purchase includes a download of a Microsoft Word file in which you can complete your ad. All you have to do is add text, and then e-mail back to Youtheatre at BEFORE the due date. 


If you wish to use an alternative document space, you absolutely can. If you would like to type it directly in an e-mail to Youtheatre, you can do that as well. 


*Please note, if you fail to submit your ad on time, we will not be able to place your ad in the program. All ads are subject to approval by the Youtheatre Team. 

One-Liner YT Spotlight for Building the Dream: MLK Jr.

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