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2020 was a history-making year.


Youtheatre’s award-winning Linda L. Ruffolo “Young Heroes of Conscience” Series is in its seventh year of chronicling, examining and celebrating the incredible stories of young people who’ve made a significant impact in our world. This season is no different.


The Young Heroes of 2020 carries on our mission to inspire in a retrospective of past productions depicting the spirit and bravery of young people.  This production, filmed live on the Arts United Campus, combines documentary-style interviews of young people who persevered through the tumultuous year that was 2020 with theatrical vignettes depicting Ryan White, Ruby Bridges, Anne Frank, Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller and Martin Luther King, Jr.  As we look back on these great heroes of the past, we discover the incredible heroism that stands before us today.


Join us as we hear the voices of our true heroes: the youth in our community, the very heart and soul of Fort Wayne, The Young Heroes of 2020.


Written & Directed By: Gregory Stieber



The Young Heroes of 2020 tells the stories of our past “Young Heroes of Conscience” Series subjects such as Ryan White and Ruby Bridges, plus modern youth who are living through the historic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are moving and powerful stores that address the effects of racism and fearing the unknown.  The Young Heroes of 2020 contains some mild strong language and use of racial slurs, used to illustrate the social conditions of the time. These honest and poignant stores teach the value of empathy, understanding, bravery and may be best suited to older elementary, middle, and high school students who are prepared for the emotional nature of the play.


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Young Heroes of 2020 Show - General Admission

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