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Fort Wayne Youtheatre Proudly Presents

The Linda Ruffolo Young Heroes of Conscience Series 


Engaging and entertaining theatre, celebrating the lives of young people who’ve made a difference in our world.


Started in 2014, Youtheatre’s Young Heroes of Conscience series premieres biographical theatre that educates, entertains and captures the human experience.  This series is brought to thousands of school students through free & discounted tickets. It comes with curricular activities that connect with area classrooms. The series also partners with area social service agencies, using theatre to expand their reach and mission.   In the fall of 2015, Youtheatre renamed our series to honor our former board president, Linda Ruffolo. Linda served Youtheare and other area agencies tirelessly, for decades. She was a valued and loyal community volunteer, not for profit donor, teacher and arts & education advocate.


Youtheatre’s Past Young Heroes:

2014 - Little House on the Prairie: Mary’s Story

League for the Blind & Disabled


2015 - Kid From Kokomo; the Ryan White Story

AIDS Task Force


2016 - Ruby Bridges

African– African American Museum


2017 - Remembering Anne

Jewish Heritage Society

2018 - Young Harriet Tubman

McMillan Recreational Center

2019 - After the Miracle: Helen Keller

 The League for the Blind & Disabled





“ Building the Dream: MLK Jr.”

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