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Private Coaching

Acting Lessons | Voice Lessons
Audition Prep | College Prep

We offer individualized private one-on-one coaching for youth in acting and voice on a flexible schedule. If you want just one or two hours to help prepare for an upcoming audition with our acting coach, or to schedule a weekly voice lesson with Ms. Plisco contact us today.

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Christopher J. Murphy

Christopher J. Murphy

Lindsay Hoops Staff Headshot

Lindsay Hoops

Private Acting Lessons & Audition Prep

Grades 6-12
Contact to Schedule Time

30 Minute Session | $20

60 Minute Session | $30

Need help prepping for a college audition or getting ready to audition for your next big show? Maybe you’ve got a new role or important presentation you could use some additional work on. We can help! Sign up for a Youtheatre private lesson. We also offer recurring lessons for those who are looking to hone their skills one on one. 30 or 60 minute lessons available. Gain confidence, helpful feedback and new tools to help you succeed onstage and off!

Coaches: Christopher J. Murphy & Lindsay Hoops

Note: While Murphy & Lindsay are regularly available for lessons, we are happy to try and arrange a lesson with ANY of our Youtheatre teaching artists. If you would like to request a session with one of our other teaching artists, please specify which when submitting your request.

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Alyssa Plisco

Private Voice Lessons

Grades 3-12
Wed & Thurs: 3:30-6pm
30 Minute Sessions
$25 per/lesson + 1x per/year $25 Resource Fee

During a weekly 30 minute lesson, private voice students will learn vocal technique through various exercises including breathing, vocal placement, and building a repertoire of songs for auditions and performances.

Single audition or performance prep sessions may also be booked based on teaching artist availability. Submit a request to find out more.

Coach: Alyssa Plisco

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