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Financial Aid

Youtheatre's Linda L. Ruffolo Scholarship Fund
offers scholarships to those who may need financial assistance with classes or camp.

Youtheatre’s mission is to set the highest standard of entertainment for children, to teach lifelong values and ideals, to stimulate creative imagination and dramatic ability, to instill confidence, self- belief and a strong self-image in children, to broaden intra-cultural understanding and to develop interest in and appreciation of the arts.

Scholarship Criteria

Fort Wayne Youtheatre offers full and partial scholarships to qualifying students for classes & camps. We have a limited amount of scholarships available, so they are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Students awarded a scholarship must: arrive on time for class or camp, and attend at least 80% of the total class or camp session. In case of emergency, contact us as soon as possible. Excessive tardiness and absences may result in dismissal from the program and could affect future scholarship eligibility. Inappropriate behavior in the class or camp may result in dismissal from the program and could affect future scholarship eligibility.

Scholarship awards do not carry over from program to program, a separate application is required for each program. Only applications completed online will be considered. For your application to be complete, you must provide a Letter of Recommendation from a community member (non-relative).

If you apply for financial assistance, please do not register for classes online until the scholarship has been awarded.

All Scholarship Notifications will be sent out 2-3 weeks before the Start of Class/Camp.

Application Due Dates
To guarantee consideration, complete applications must be received in our office no later than the following dates:
Fall Classes

August 24, 2024

Spring Classes

February 22, 2025

Summer Camps

May 31, 2025

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