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MAIN STAGE SHOW - Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

Auditions: (Reservations Required)

March 6th and 7th

4:30-6:30pm | Arts United Center | Ages 8+


Teenager Jeremy Thatcher discovers a strange magic shop he has never seen before. He enters, and his life is changed forever. Buying what he thinks is a marble, he discovers he has really purchased a dragon’s egg. It soon becomes clear that this is one pet he wasn’t prepared for. How is he supposed to keep a flame-breathing dragon with razor-sharp teeth and an out-of-control appetite in his bedroom? Through the use of giant puppets and innovative staging, Bruce Coville’s award-winning book will magically be brought to life on stage before your eyes.

Adapted for the stage by Tucker Rafferty

Directed by Christopher J. Murphy

Puppet Direction by Todd Espeland

*For the health & safety of our young actors & staff, Youtheatre strongly encourages all eligible participants to get the COVID-19 vaccine prior to auditions.

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How to Audition for a Youtheatre Show

  1. Choose which show you would like to audition for.

  2. Check your schedule to make sure you can fulfill the time commitment. 

  3. Reserve your audition time-slot or simply walk-in during audition times. * Note you only have to come 1 of the days.
  4. Print and fill out the Audition form and bring it to the auditions.
  5. Review Audition materials to prepare for your audition.
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