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MAIN STAGE SHOW - Young Heroes of 2020

Auditions: (Reservations Required if in-person | No Walk-Ins)

January 11th & 12th 

4-6pm | Arts United Center | Ages 8+

Virtual Audition Option Available

2020 was a history-making year.


Fort Wayne Youtheatre’s Young Heroes of Conscience Series is in its seventh year. This award-winning collection of productions have chronicled, examined and celebrated the incredible stories of young people that have made a significant impact in our world.


This season is no different.


The Young Heroes of 2020 promises to carry on our mission of inspiration as we look back on past productions in a retrospective of the plays that depicted the spirit and bravery of young people such as Ryan White, Ruby Bridges, Anne Frank, Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller and Martin Luther King, Jr. But as we look back in time, we discover the heroism that stands before us, today.


Join us as we hear the voices of our true heroes: the young people in our community, the very heart and soul of Fort Wayne Theatre.


Directed By: Gregory Stieber

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Auditions: (Reservations Required if in-person | No Walk-Ins)

August 31st & September 1st

4-6pm | Arts United Center | Ages 8 -18

Virtual Audition Option Available

Meet Stuart Little. A most unusual mouse who happens to be born into an ordinary New York family. Stuart is a shy, thoughtful fellow struggling to survive in his super-sized world of humans. When his best friend, a beautiful little bird named Margalo, disappears from her nest, his life becomes a series of adventures as he tries to find her. All the imagination and joy of this E.B. White classic are captured in this fun stage adaptation. Additional information can be found in the AUDITION PACKET

Directed By: Todd Espeland


Auditions: (Reservations Required if in-person | No Walk-Ins)

October 12th & 13th | Callbacks: Oct. 14th

4-6pm | Arts United Center | Ages 8 -18

Virtual Audition Option Available

Come join Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy as they travel to the magical world of Narnia. This dramatization of C.S. Lewis’ classic, set in the enchanting land of Narnia, begins with the four siblings climbing into an old wardrobe and finding themselves in a magical never-to-be-forgotten world where they meet Tumnus the Faun, experience the magic and mystery of the Great Lion Aslan and help in his struggle against the White Witch. This action filled story of love, faith, and courage is a true celebration of life.


Directed By: Christopher J. Murphy

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