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Youtheatre Scholarship Application

Student Information


Parent Information

Financial Need Information

Total number of adults in student's household*

Total number of children in student's household*

Based on the chart above, is your income equal to or lower than the income listed for your household size?
Have you received financial aid from Fort Wayne Youtheatre before?

Supplemental Questions

The student questions are to be answered and written by the student. If student is a minor and not of writing age, then answers must be dictated to a parent/guardian to write the answers for the student but it must be the student's own words. Please be thorough, as incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

First Time Students

Returning Students

Letter of Recommendation

*A letter of recommendation is required, and must accompany this application in order to be considered as completed. (The letter may come from a classroom teacher, Sunday school, dance instructor, choir director, etc.) Please attach the letter below or send an e-mail to

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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