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Sensory Friendly Performances

Our Sensory Friendly Performances, sponsored by the AWS Foundation and MKM Architecture + Design, provide FREE TICKETS to individuals who are visually, hearing, physically, or cognitively impaired & their families, caregivers and teachers. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment for all who wish to see our shows. Our Sensory Friendly Shows contain elements that are adapted for your comfort. 
Performances Include

Altered Lights & Sound

Cast Meet & Greets

Pre-Show Touch Tour

Designated Calming Area

Preparatory Materials

On-Site Sensory Friendly Coordinator

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Upcoming Sensory Friendly Performances

is a proud sponsor of our Sensory Friendly Performances.

Preparation Resources

Social Narrative for Our Venue:

First Presbyterian Theater

Production Guide for


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sensory friendly performance?

A sensory friendly performance is a theatrical production that has been slightly modified to make it easier for guests with sensory sensitivities to enjoy a live play. These modifications include the house lights at a glow throughout the performance, slightly lower sound levels so as not to surprise audience members, and a stationary touch tour of certain props or costume pieces before the show begins.

May I bring a comfort object?

Yes! Please feel free to bring fidget spinners, squeeze balls, stuffed animals, or a special toy your child or friend may want with them. You may also bring electronic devices such as iPads and phones. For safety reasons, however, flash photography is not allowed.  

Will I be expected to stay completely quiet and still in my seat?

Nope! This performance is completely catered for guests who experience live performances in their own unique ways. We encourage all guests to practice the etiquette of attending a live theatrical performance, but everyone can feel free to vocalize, stand up, rock in their seat, or even walk around. The cast, crew, and staff have been prepared for the extra movement and sounds, and they can’t wait to see you!

What if I need a break during the performance?

If a guest would like a true sensory break from the performance, they can feel free to step outside the theatre into the lobby or visit the designated Calming Area. Ushers and volunteers will be happy to lead you there. This space will be quiet and equipped with a few soothing items. AWS Foundation has graciously supplied sensory kits as well that provide further materials that may be helpful.   

Planning Your Visit

  • Accessible Parking is available on a first come first serve basis. Parking is available behind the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, the Arts United Center, Freeimann Square, and on the side of the Auer Center. There is also a parking garage off of Berry St. (Please refer to the map).

  • Parking at the Arts United Center, Fort Wayne Museum of Art & Auer Center are Free of charge for our productions. Metered parking is Free after 5pm on Weekdays and Free on Weekends. 

Wheelchair Accessibility & Mobility
  • Wheelchair Seating is available in both the Arts United Center & Parkview Physicians Group ArtsLab Theatre. Please request wheelchair seating when reserving tickets as there is limited availability. 

  • There is a small elevator available in the Arts United Center if you need to get to the 2nd floor where the Ian Rolland Gallery is. 

  • Restrooms are on the 1st floor of the Arts United Center and have accessible stalls.


Our Sensory Friendly Performances
are sponsored by:


All Youtheatre classes, performances and services are accessible to people with special needs, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

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