Covid-19 Updates

Updated May 18, 2020

Since March of 2020 the Covid-19 Pandemic has uprooted everyone's lives. Arts & Culture organizations have especially been hit hard as we navigate stay-at-home orders and a major disruption in our day to day operations. The Fort Wayne Youtheatre is committed to bringing live entertainment as well as educating and engaging not just our youth, but our entire community. 



Our kids mean the absolute world to us, and we would never want to put them in harms way. Please note, that every decision we make is based off the safety of our kids, families, staff and volunteers.


As we all know, there is not much direction in regards to this virus. We are unsure of what will happen come summer and fall time, if there will be another wave, if stay-at-home orders resume or when a vaccine will be released. We are staying optimistic and thus taking a wait-and-see approach to our programming. We are preparing for worst case scenarios but are still hoping for the best.


We realize that trust is extremely important during this unprecedented time. While we can't control the information we are getting about the pandemic and knowing what is fact or fiction, Youtheatre can control how we are adapting and communicating with you all about our organization and programming. We aim to be as transparent as possible so you all can have piece of mind when it comes to participating in Youtheatre activities.




  • June Acting Rising Star Camp is cancelled and being replaced to a 1 week online camp - registration is now open.

  • July Musical Theatre Rising Star Camp is being modified. We are hoping to have a hybrid of in-person/online. Wait-and-See approach applies. More info coming soon.

  • All Junior Rising Stars Camps are cancelled. We hope to have free theatre activity packets available for this age group during the summer.



  • Fall Classes still to resume as scheduled. Wait-and-See approach applies

  • If Fall Classes can't be in person, we are working to make them available digitally (similar to our Online Dialect Workshops)



  • All to resume as scheduled. Wait-and-See approach applies.

  • Fall Show may look a little different in regards to auditions, rehearsals and smaller cast/house sizes. TBD.



  • All are on our Wait-and-See approach as the Storybook Theatre is known for traveling throughout our community.

This page is where you can find the most up to date information. If you have additional questions please feel free to email us at We can't guarantee we'll have all the answers at that given time, but will work diligently to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you plan to keep our kids safe during in-person activities? (I.e. Classes, Camps, Rehearsals, Shows?)


We are working to make a comprehensive guide to share with families that will outline specific details regarding safety procedures during Covid-19 and in-person activities. This may include everything from frequent breaks for hand washing, spacing kids a minimum of 6ft apart, having hand sanitizer available upon building entry and other areas, requiring masks, smaller class/cast sizes etc. We are also working in accordance with Arts United policies and procedures as they own the buildings we typically utilize. 

I have already registered and paid for a Summer Camp, what do I do since changes are being made?

If you have previously registered and paid for a Summer Camp we will be reaching out to every one of you via email to present you with options. This can include moving your registration to the modified camp or a new camp, put your payment on account and use it for the future, convert to a donation or discuss eligibility for refunds. *Please note we will be reaching out to everyone once modified camps have been finalized in order to create an easy streamlined process.

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