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Linda L. Ruffolo
Young Heroes of Conscience Series

February 21 - 23, 2025

Written by Cheryl L. West
Director - To Be Announced

Friendships challenged, a world changed, and two young people trying to make sense of it together.

Neighbors Josh and Emma are best friends.  But something has happened in their town.  When a black man is killed by a police officer, Emma and Josh have questions—real questions that deserve real answers.  With so much going on, the two don’t know how to keep their friendship from being pulled apart.  Layered with compassion and humor, this play invites you into the living rooms of these two families (one black and one white) as they wrestle with how to help their children make sense of what happened.  Playwright Cheryl D. West invites you to walk alongside Josh and Emma as they confront uncertainty within their own town and seek to plant the seeds of change in their community.


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February 21st - 7:00 PM
February 22nd - 2:00 PM
February 23rd - 2:00 PM
Sensory Friendly Performance:
February 22nd - 4:30 PM
(Touch Tour Begins at 4:00 PM)
School Performance:
March 3rd at 10:00 AM 
at the Embassy Theatre
First Presbyterian Theater
300 W. Wayne St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
This Production is Brought to You by the Support of:
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